Heldbergs Games are five weirdos investing their know how into something great: cardboard games not
only with bawdy humor, self-mockery and provocative storylines but also sick
designs and a strong inspiration from Japan.

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With a stacking game...

That's where it all began. The infinite possibilities of creatively exploring and shaping Japanese culture and specialties into game form – that was the ambition. And that ambition should serve as the foundation for all the ones that followed.


Design, concept, game ideas, and photoshoots all take place in-house. From game packaging to shipping, everything is done in-house by our team. All produced in Germany. Only environmentally friendly and water-based colors, free from chemicals, are used for printing.

  • Packaging made from 100% biodegradable cardboard.

  • Game pieces and dice made from solid beech wood sourced from local forests.

  • Game cards made from sturdy kraft paper.

  • Made in Germany.

  • Strong emphasis on DIY.

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  • Hand-numbered.

  • Game box hand-screenprinted.

  • Exclusive postcard with the autograph of our author and graphic artist.

  • Exclusive stickers related to the theme.

  • Exclusive fob related to the theme.

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